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The Blue Marbles Project has set out to pass a blue marble through every hand on the planet. A symbol of gratitude and a gesture of kindness, marbles are circling the globe reminding us to love our little blue planet.

Brand Development, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Distribution, Customer Satisfaction

From the Blue Mind Summits to the Blue Mind Collective, this ground breaking initiative by Dr. Wallace J Nichols brings neuroscience and water together to impact our worldwide relationship to healthy waterways and oceans.

Event Developer, Speaker Liaison, Budget Development, Creative Development, Graphic Design, Narrative Leadership

A multi-media company that focuses on uplifting news, Positive Impact leads the way in both digital and print formats to spread good across the globe and to inspire others to become involved in the quest to make a positive impact on the world.

Writer, Editor, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Advisory Board Member

Born of the need to connect people to the planet, Be Different by Nature, celebrates nature inspired better living. Offered as a collection of children’s apparel, Mauruuru is designed to share stories to shape the next generation.

Founder, Creator, Product Fabrication + Development, Brand Development, Storytelling, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Marketing, Event Planning, Point of Purchase Displays

Located in the fifty mile stretch of mountains and ocean north of Santa Cruz and south of Half Moon Bay, the SLOWCOAST is a place where beauty, nature, art and tradition create an enviroment

Graphic Design, Product Placement, Creative Consulting, Brand Development

Scientist, wild water advocate, movement-maker, New York Times best selling author and dad, Wallace J. Nichols works to inspire a deeper connection with nature and to change the way people think about our water planet.

Producer, Manager, Speakers Agent, Creative Development, Graphic Design, Administrative Support

Garcia Farms is the premiere location for south Florida's top growers of fresh produce. Founded by Edward Garcia, as a legacy to his own family farming heritage, Garcia Farms provides a new approach to an age old tradition and has created a 'growing community' in south Florida.

Brand Development, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Narrative Leadership, Web Development

A creative campaign developed to showcase the world’s love of healthy water, 100 Days of Blue runs from Memorial Day-Labor Day, uniting water lovers around the world for 100 days. Designed to share stories of being near, in, on or under water across multiple social media networks, 100 Days turns the focus to love for our blue planet home.

Creative Development + Design, Campaign Management, Budget Development, Social Media Management

Decades of experience in communications is challenging to summarize and remains a constantly moving target. This portfolio represents earlier work while the projects highlighted here are more recent work. Please feel free to reach out with questions of comments.

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Written communciation has played a large part in all of my work. Whether it be copywriting, public relations, media content, feature stories, blogs or scripts, I have a genuine love of language and the written word but most especially stories. I love to share them and create them.

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