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Going Coastal Professional Coaching and Leadership (lizzie larbalestier.)                                                                                                                                                   Julie Starke makes it her business to ensure events whether corporate, arts, science, environment or technology centered: authentically and transparently convey their intention, truly capturing the heart, imagination and commitment of all those who attend.  To describe her as a coordinator vastly understates the role she takes when shaping and bringing an event such as the Blue Mind summit to life.  Julie is in fact a co-creator and co-curator translating ideas into deeply memorable experiences

Her capacity to connect in person and virtually is astounding; we have all attended events that lacked cogent impact having claimed to be inclusive and engaging (or perhaps fun) when in reality the seemingly peripheral interactions where completely discordant with these aims.  Not the case when Julie is at the helm, she consistently demonstrates that she sincerely cares that your event is positively remarkable for all who invest their time.  She seamlessly and tirelessly ensures every connection from first contact through to post attendance is choreographed with consideration, flexibility and credibility. 

Hugely likeable… and so easy to work with… but more than that – she is clearly skilled at balancing artistic creativity with fine attention to detail… and that is rare… she is a joy to know and in the context of event orchestration – she is the difference that will make the difference.”

LPO Organics (libby patterson.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Julie Starke is an expert with branding, marketing, advertising, print services, graphics and business planning. I have been pleased with Julie's turn around time on projects, her sense of urgency and also her execution towards understanding our marketshare, look and overall zeitgeist.

I would highly recommend Julie for any projects that involve expansion and growth; In her capable leadership you will be in good hands. Her ability to wear many hats, to respond to your ideas and to help amplify your message is her craft.  It is a joy to call Julie a TEAM PLAYER and a fellow creatrix.

JMM Consulting (jeneen masih.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I have known and done engaging work with Julie Starke for the past two years.  She is a passion driven leader who highly adaptable.  My first professional experience with Julie was when we organized and orchestrated the first ever Book Club at Sea for New York Times Best Seller Blue Mind.  I was working with the leadership team of the Salty Dawg Rally and really wanted to add something special to their annual blue water passage.  Immediately Julie took on both the leadership and creative rolls with how we would be able to have a successful event that would be engaging and meaningful.  In addition, her keen eye on all the necessary details of getting books and materials in hand in a state where neither of us were, as well as creating and delivery the marketing materials and direction necessary to support a high-quality program was very impressive.  Based on this positive experience, I deepened my evolvement with Blue Mind and attended and assisted with the Blue Mind 6, an annual summit held in Pacific Grove, California.  During my professional career I have attended many national conferences.  The level of coordination and content rich programing that Julie visioned and coordinated for this three day conference showed me yet again, what true talent she really is.  Today I am proud to collaborate on engaging projects as they arise.  I am continually attracted to and impressed by her professional performance.  I look forward to my next opportunity to work with Julie.  Without a doubt it will exceed my expectations.

the ainslie group (jeff ainslie.)

Julie, I was just talking about you yesterday with the TCC program development team, and how we did the "Artist", "Faces" and "Follow Me Home" campaigns. When I look back, we were light years ahead of anyone else in recognizing the passion, integrity and commitment of some really true Americans. These heroes, regardless of any obstacles, repeatedly devote their time and talent to creating beautiful, livable and efficient homes that provide a unique environment that helps nurture three powerful attributes: loving, learning and living. Simply witnessing the smiles on our clients' faces when they walk through their new home is worth all of the headaches we endure building in this over-regulated, under-performing economy. On a more personal level, our exhilarating and rejuvenating brainstorming sessions have always been a highlight in our relationship and no one has ever been as bright or creative as you.

widener corporation (bob widener.)

I have been a friend and business associate of Julie Starke’s for over ten years. I have found her dedication to any project she takes on to be exemplary. She is truly a woman of incredible talent and passion for what ever she commits herself to.

My first involvement with Julie was the creation of an identification and branding program for a new company that I was a principle in. Her vision, creativity, design and overall approach resulted in the creation of a world-class program that served our company well for many years. After the initial program was completed, Julie assisted the principles with several projects targeted at everything from the marketing of our company and our product to the culmination of a true team spirit for our entire staff. Her work resulted in the professional positioning of our company in the eyes of both our customers and our competitors. Julie’s expertise and talents enabled our company to get our story out to our community in a very well defined professional way.

If you are looking for someone to be a true team member who will give 150% to accomplish the goal, Julie Starke is that person. She will not take it on if she does not truly feel that she can make a difference.

progressive realty (ginny cross.)

Julie is an incredibly talented lady. There are so many words to describe her......kind, unselfish, loving, deep, thought-provoking, sensitive, charismatic, thoughtful, talented, creative, independent, open minded, fun loving, soulful...I could go on and on. You might say it is tough to find a person who fits all of those characteristics but she does.

Blue Mind. (Dr. Wallace J. Nichols)

Outside of my family, Julie Starke is the person I trust to speak on my behalf regarding decisions about Blue Mind, speaking engagements and participation in media projects. She has held many titles (manager, producer, designer, editor, communicator) but none of them suffice to describe our professional relationship.

While I don’t work for Julie and she doesn’t work for me, we do work together collaboratively and have done so for more than five years. She is as committed to figuring out and delivering what you need as well as to working to make our blue planet better as anyone you’ll meet. And she always does so with kindness, creativity, generosity and her signature personal touch. People go out of their way to let me know how much they enjoy working with Julie on their event. That kind of ‘customer service’ is becoming increasingly rare.

And that’s why we are friends and colleagues. I know you’ll enjoy working with her as much I do.

mlh consulting (marci horton.)

It is hard to sum up all the genuine and awesome qualities that Julie Starke has brought to me in my own personal business and life. Her talent is exceptional on so many various levels. The creativeness that she naturally brings has helped me in all areas of my business. From coaching, to structuring my ideas, to motivating me to continue reaching my goals. Julie has the ability to really understand the clients needs that she is working with and is very genuine in her approach. Julie is a talented writer, an excellent communicator , and an extraordinary visionary . I highly recommend Julie Starke, for she will make a difference in the lives of the people around her. She is genuine, real, authentic and extremely trustworthy. A refreshing change!!!!

simon graphics (linda simon.)

Julie Starke is an amazing woman and has been my mentor since 1992. Julie is authentic and her gifts are bountiful with creativity being at her core. Depending on what you need with your business, Julie can assist you with writing, branding, marketing, graphics, motivating, decorating, organizing, project management, personnel issues, etc. She is a major asset and I would highly recommend her.

cornerstone housing (kirk gray.)

Cornerstone Housing, LLC, has engaged Julie Starke and Starke Ideas and Designs, LLC, in a variety of ways over the past 12 years.   We have found that Ms. Starke is a very creative professional who listens and hears what her client has to say and transforms that into a product -- whether it is a publication, corporate brochure, signage, or an event involving the highest levels of local, regional and federal government.  She has practical vision, excellent contacts and is able to deliver a quality product on time, within the agreed upon budget, and with a definite panache.  We at Cornerstone Housing, LLC, have enjoyed our relationship with Starke Ideas and Designs -- a relationship which has brought about many positive returns in terms of name and product recognition for Cornerstone and our clients.













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